The Digital Asset Standard for Solana

The fastest & most affordable NFT ecosystem for marketplaces, games, arts & collectibles

With 11.5 Million NFTs minted, the Metaplex Protocol has provided standards and tools for more than 100k projects and online communities.

Why the Metaplex NFT Standard?

Own your NFT storefront, with no additional fees and no middlemen.
See why thousands of web3 creators are choosing Metaplex for online communities, where applications, services and tools work together, not against each other.

Developer Tools

Launch your NFT project quickly with Candy Machine, Auction House, Certified Collections, and weekly office hours.

Art & Collectibles

Mint 1 of 1 collectibles or generative pieces, launch your Storefront, airdrop NFTs, and set up royalties or creator splits.

Gaming NFTs

Use NFTs as in-game assets to engage your players and create real world value and economies.


Build anything from a basic storefront to large-scale Marketplaces with secondary sales and offline inventory.


Grow your NFT projects following with social and Discord integration, support charities, airdrop NFTs, and learn about marketing in web3.


Prevent bots from interfering with NFT sales with decentralized architecture, Certified Collections, and CAPTCHAS.

The Metaplex Protocol is powered by our strategic partnership with Solana Labs

With the sub-second speed and affordability of Solana, Metaplex’s user experience and environmental focus cannot be matched.


NFT’s Minted




total sales


no add-on fees

Ways to get started

Come as you are and get smarter about NFTs or launch a project.
Join our ecosystem of 95,000 projects including students, artists, influencers, non-profits, brands, and startups.

Your digital property is yours and can be used across different games, social networks, and more using Metaplex and Solana NFTs.

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