Solana's NFT Standard

Join Metaplex — the fastest and cheapest NFT ecosystem for marketplaces, games, art & collectibles, and 85k other projects. We're open-source standards for 5 Million NFTs.

Why the Metaplex NFT Standard?

Low fees are made possible by Solana's sub-second speed.
Own your own NFT storefront and pay only for network and storage costs with no middlemen. See why thousands of Web3 creators are choosing Metaplex for their online communities
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Updated January 13th, 2022

For Creators

Stop paying high gas fees and focus on your art and online community instead.
Metaplex empowers creators and brands to build direct relationships with their audiences by giving them full access to their Storefront and NFT sales. Work with a developer or DIY.
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For developers

Developer tools for gaming, marketplaces, wallets, and exchanges.
Take advantage of decentralized frameworks that crush scale. Build your NFT project with any of our 10+ tools including Candy Machine for drops, Storefronts, anti-bot features, and more.
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Easy & Accessible

Metaplex Studios is community first, always. Our Mission is to create easy and straightforward standards so that we can all rise together.


Get the details about the Metaplex Metadata Standards and learn how to get started.
The Metaplex Protocol is not a single contract, but an ecosystem of smart contracts that interact and support each other.
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Dive into our community docs, find the tools to launch your storefront and get ready to start minting your NFTs
With Candy Machine, Fair Launch, Vaults and Auctions, you can keep the faith and build trust in your community while growing your brand. 
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Program Library

We have an extensive library and more coming soon. Our community drives and provides some of our best ideas - share them here.
We provide the tools for creators to easily create storefronts and NFTs with more being added every day, like Airdrops, Redemptions and more.
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Billions of NFT sales and counting.

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