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Create NFT’s. Build Community.

WAGMI! Metaplex has what you need to create NFTs.  Whether it’s a single original piece (1/1), a generative profile pic project (PFP) or anything you can dream up.

Together, we’ll walk through art creation, minting with The Candy Machine, distribution and follow  up with the best ways to build a genuine community in the Web3 world.

How do I get started?

Metaplex has a suite of tools that power NFTs creation and distribution, but you’ll need to ask yourself how comfortable you are with CLI…


If you’re here, you’re early. Metaplex, Solana and NFT’s are powerful, but still expanding, and our tools don’t have a user interface yet. CLI stands for Command Line Interface. If you ever wanted to feel like Mr. Robot, now is your chance.
CandyMachine V2 Docs

Looking for something less complicated?

If your project is a smaller scale, you’re not ready to jump into code, or just don’t want to “eat glass'', there are some community driven projects that can make it all a little easier. 

So, what’s next?

Well that’s entirely up to you!

Building community is more than just shilling the drop. We encourage you to connect with other projects, creators and builders in the Metaplex Ecosystem as you work. Jump in our Discord and connect to grow as you go. 
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Get inspired.

Joining the Metaverse is only the beginning. Be inspired by projects we love to get to know this brave new world.