Early Access: Going No-Code with Metaplex Creator Studio

Matias Castello
October 7, 2022

Early Access: Going No-Code with Metaplex Creator Studio

From the Metaplex Program Library to our developer tools, the goal of the Metaplex Protocol has always been to empower builders at the speed they build, without the gatekeepers of traditional technology platforms. But if there’s one question the community constantly asks us, it’s “What if I don’t have access to a developer?” That’s about to change.

We believe anyone can be a creator — starting today, we're opening up the waitlist to get early access to Creator Studio. Creator Studio offers artists web-based user interfaces atop robust no-code tools, making it easy to create, sell and manage NFTs on Solana without writing a single line of code. No dev? No problem. Simply provide the art and some basic information about your project, and you’ll be launching NFTs powered by the fastest growing web3 creator platform in the world.

Creators have the opportunity to create several different types of digital assets:

  • 1/1 art
  • Open and limited editions
  • Generative collections

Whether it’s your first collection or you know your way around a mint, Creator Studio is the easiest way to upload art, sell and manage your project and make your NFT vision a reality. Creator Studio will help artists not only create NFTs but also sell them through customizable mint pages. Like the rest of the platform, this web page creation tool requires no coding experience or even external web hosting. Artists can now completely control the NFT creation process from idea to making a drop.

In the spirit of chewing glass together and gaining real-time product feedback, we’ll gradually invite creators to explore early access to our no-code tools and have the opportunity to experiment, play and mint for free.

If you’re looking to easily create your own digital assets and join the thousands of creators already building with Metaplex, apply for early access today at studio.metaplex.com

-Metaplex Studios