Breakpoint Highlights from Metaplex Studios

November 16, 2021

Breakpoint Highlights from Metaplex Studios

Anatoly Yakovenko & Raj Gokal, co-founders of Solana Labs

Thank you all for supporting Metaplex Studios and following our journey during the Solana Breakpoint conference in Lisbon.

One of the brightest highlights was an endorsement from Anatoly Yakovenko & Raj Gokal, co-founders of Solana Labs, in the Conference Opening featuring the incredible growth Metaplex underwent in just the past 3 months.

Since we launched Candy Machine in September we’ve reached:

~ $34M 7-day volume

~ 2.7M NFTs minted since Aug 1

~ 300K weekly NFT mints

~ 25K projects mostly in arts & collectibles

Metaplex, Audius & Cultur3 Capital Community event in Lisbon, Portugal

We had the delightful opportunity to host another community event alongside Audius & Cultur3 Capital. As Metaplex Studios continues to grow, we look forward to seeing more of you attending our IRL events, hackathons, pop-ups & meet-ups to share your NFT inspirations and connect with one another as a global community.

Our C-Suite executives Emily Poplawski, aka SolSister, COO of Metaplex Studios, and Jonothan Choi, aka EchoicPro, CIO & Head of Partnerships, appeared on four panels and offered insights on gaming, community, and NFT adoption as a whole.

Jonathan Choi, CIO & Head of Partnerships @ Metaplex Studios
Emily Poplawski, COO @ Metaplex Studios

Gaming is the NEXT BIG THING, according to Solana Ventures, Lightspeed & FTX.

FTX, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Solana Ventures are investing $100 million in Web3 gaming development, the companies announced Friday last week. which opens the door for even more energy to build around gaming projects in the ecosystem such as @NyanHeroes @MonkeyBall @GenoPets @TSM

And it was HUGE news that cult digital artist @pplpleasr released her collection using the #FairLaunchProtocol (more at on Nov 9 on @Metaplex via Candy Machine to celebrate @SolanaConf.

While in Lisbon, we co-hosted a Hacker House with @BoringProtocol @SynesisOne @OpenDive Solana Labs and more featuring IRL time with Bartosz and Jordan. Congrats to the winner @FrankArt

Meantime our semi-secret swag has been floating around the community with top influencers like @TheCryptoDog getting excited about it!

And finally, this past week @Solana BreakPoint in Lisbon, Street Dreams Cafe NFT #CelebratingTheWins dropped Nov. 5th on @metaplex, powered by #Solana