Certified Collections help users of NFT Marketplaces avoid scams and ape into their favorite NFT collections

January 10, 2022

With the support and feedback from some of the most popular NFT marketplaces and projects on Solana, Metaplex introduces Certified Collections to battle scams. 

Now launching on Devnet, NFT projects will be able to generate Certified Collections, a fully on-chain grouping of NFTs to assist users in avoiding copycats and scams. 

Popular NFT marketplaces and creator tools will be able to display Certified Collections, as a clear way to verify that NFTs are from a particular creator. Certified Collections are part of the Token Metadata v1.1.0 update, which was released this evening to Devnet, January 10, 2022.

All Solana NFT creators are strongly encouraged to officialize their NFTs as a Certified Collection, so that users of NFT marketplaces can trust, and “ape with confidence” into their favorite NFT collections. Certified Collections are currently optional, but in the future, may be required by certain marketplaces. 

Examples of Certified Collections

Both upcoming NFT projects and already-minted NFT collections can take advantage of the Certified Collectors clarification. Some examples of how projects are organizing groupings of NFTs using Certified Collections are:

  • PFPs 
  • Photography collections 
  • Music albums 
  • Gaming skins 

How it works

At its core, Certified Collections are on-chain groupings of NFTs. NFT projects can generate a Certified Collection in a few easy steps.

  • You must be the authority, or creator of the NFTs, to generate a Certified Collection.   
  • One NFT can be in one Certified Collection, it can not be in multiple Certified Collections. 
  • You can create a content hierarchy, such as a parent Certified Collection.
  • From a standards perspective, a Certified Collection is an NFT that will appear in the authority’s wallet. 
  • Certified Collections are backwards compatible with v1.0.0 of the Metaplex NFT Standard. 

Getting started

Starting January 10, 2022, Certified Collections will be available on Solana Devnet. Complete specifications and instructions of how to get started with Certified Collections will be posted to docs.metaplex.com, and a new Discord channel will be available for questions.

Thursday, January 20th, Metaplex Studios will offer two separate office-hour sessions at 12PM ET and 9PM ET where Community Engineer @austbot will demo Certified Collections so that builders in all-time zones can attend live. Office-hours will also be recorded and posted in our office-hours channel in our Discord.