Let the NFT.NYC adventures begin!

November 4, 2021

Have you heard what’s happening next week in NYC? NYC.NFT will host over 5000 NFT enthusiasts who will gather for a week-long marathon of conferences and events dedicated to NFTs and the community around it.

We’re organizing a private nearly-sold-out community event on November 2 with some VIP guests confirmed, together with our partner Audius, a music startup backed by Katy Perry and other A-list celebrities bringing streaming music to the Metaverse.

This is the first EVER Metaplex community event, and as you all know, community comes first for us at Metaplex. If you’re going to be at NYC.NFT make sure you SIGN UP HERE before it’s sold out! Password hint: WAGMI.

With great music, casual panels, good food, and better people, we simply can not wait to meet you all IRL.

Speaking of good people, we’re still hiring! Web3 is alive and well, and we need humans like you to come build the next era of the internet. We’re hiring for multiple opportunities, and you can even build your own role, just work a few hours a week as a Moderator in our Discord!

Metaplex Studios believes in decentralization, transparency, and empowering creators with the tools they need. Jump in with our team, and let’s make an incredible Metaverse together.


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