Announcing The 2021 Metaplex Community Impact Awards

December 9, 2021

2021 was an extraordinary year for NFTs. Since Metaplex’s launch this past June, millions of people worldwide (and Metaverse-wide) are thrilled to have and to hold NFTs, thanks in part to the growing Metaplex Ecosystem. 

To celebrate this landmark year and honor projects, people and initiatives that have made a meaningful impact on the future of NFTs and Web3, we are inviting you to our inaugural Metaplex Community Impact Awards.

Submit your favorite projects to the Metaplex Studios team by Sunday December 12th and finalists will be voted on by the Community at large from Wednesday December 15th - Friday December 17th. The Metaplex Community Impact Award winners will be announced before the end of the year. 

The Process

To submit a project to be a finalist, please fill out the forms further down with the following information: 

  • Name of Project
  • Link to Project 
  • Short answer for how this project made a meaningful impact for the future of NFTs
  • Your email address, should we have a follow up question. 

We are requesting that only one project is submitted per category, per email, so that our team can review each application in full, aka, don’t list multiple projects on one form. You are entirely encouraged to shill your own projects. 

Please note: we may wish to contact you by email if we’ve selected your submission as a finalist or would like to publish your project on the Metaplex website. If you have any questions, please ping us at

Selecting Finalists

Finalists for our community to vote on will be selected based on their overall impact to the NFT ecosystem at large and volume of submissions. No Metaplex Team members, projects or efforts are eligible.

Community Vote 

For each category, we plan to have five finalists. The community will be able to cast votes for a limited time from Wednesday December 15th to Friday December 17th (and you’re allowed to vote multiple times if you wish). 

The Best of Metaplex Winners 

Metaplex Community Impact Award Winners will be announced the week of December 20th. Besides flexing and bragging rights, winners will receive: 

  • A rare NFT declaring them a first annual Metaplex Community Impact Award Winner
  • A slick trophy declaring them a first annual Metaplex Community Impact Award Winner
  • An invitation to an awards ceremony and dinner to be scheduled for early 2022, hosted by the Metaplex Team

Best of Metaplex Categories 

For 2021, The Metaplex Team has chosen the following categories, as they best highlight the diversity of the Metaplex Ecosystem and bright future of NFTs:

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in Charity 

Projects that have prioritized and impacted the future of Charity in Web3.

[Submissions are closed]

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in Community Building

Projects that have impacted the future of NFT Communities either with tools or in general enthusiasm.  

[Submissions are closed]

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in Developer Tools 

Most helpful and impactful ecosystem Developer Tools for the betterment of all. 

[Submissions are closed]

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in Diversity and Inclusion 

Projects that have consciously focused on and impacted Diversity and Inclusion with project representation, tools, or community endeavors.  

[Submissions are closed]

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in Gaming 

Projects that have impacted the future of Gaming. 

[Submissions are closed]

The Metaplex Community Impact Award in PFPs 

Projects that have impacted the future of PFPs.

[Submissions are closed]

Beyond these initial categories, The Metaplex Team will be taking the time in the new year to elevate the contributions of individuals and teams throughout our community. 

We know that so many of you have personally made massive contributions to the Metaplex Protocol, or have been providing projects a helping hand. The accolades and recognition of community driven contributions will continue well into 2022.  

TL;DR Timeline:

  • Last day to apply was December 13th and submissions are now closed - stay tuned!
  • Voting for finalists by begins Wednesday December 15th through Friday December 17th 
  • Winners will be revealed the week of December 20th!

Let’s get loud Metaverse and honor the tireless work our community has put in this year. Together we can celebrate creators, bestow bragging rights, and continue to flex on the incredible impact of NFTs powered by Metaplex. 

… because we all know 2022 will be even bigger for NFTs than 2021!