Metaplex October Round-up


- NFTs minted through Metaplex reached an all-time high of 16.6 million in October, the sixth consecutive record-breaking month

- The Metaplex Foundation released a new code repository for the Digital Asset Standard API (DAS API) which formally defines the interface for accessing NFT and token ownership data on Solana, supported by best-in-class SDKs and developer tools

- Two community Metaplex Improvement Proposals (MIPs) related to non-custodial edition sales and soulbound NFTs were submitted using the protocol’s decentralized governance process

Protocol Activity

In October, creators and developers minted 16.6 million NFTs with Metaplex, representing the sixth record breaking month in a row and the largest volume in a single month since the protocol’s inception. Over 109 million NFTs have been minted through Metaplex to-date, including almost 75 million compressed NFTs.

165,000 unique wallets directly signed transactions with the protocol in October, with the majority coming from Metaplex’s Token Metadata program. There were nearly 35 million transactions signed this month, the third highest month on record.

As of October, there are 9.1 million unique wallets that currently hold a Metaplex NFT, an increase of ~850k unique wallets month-over-month and the third largest monthly gain since the protocol’s inception.

Developer Platform

Metaplex DAS API

Metaplex released a new repository for the Metaplex Digital Asset Standard API (DAS API), which standardizes access to NFT and token ownership data. 

This new repo offers a number of benefits for the entire ecosystem including:

- Easy access to a standard SDK supporting multiple RPC providers

- Documentation of API methods

- Streamlined process for submitting improvements to the Metaplex DAS API, increasing compatibility across Solana

The API is already used by many RPCs including Triton, Helius, HelloMoon, and Shyft. RPCs may add their own extensions, but an RPC supporting the Metaplex DAS API will work with all methods from the spec. Special thanks to all of the ecosystem partners who have made valuable contributions to-date.

Token 2022

Mad Shield completed the audit for spl-token 2022 support for Token Metadata, enabling token 2022 owned accounts to create Fungibles and NonFungibles. The code will be deployed to devnet and then mainnet shortly.

Updating Compressed NFTs 

The Update metadata instruction for Bubblegum has been shared with RPC providers. It’s expected to be released to devnet and then mainnet this month after thorough testing with RPCs.

Metaplex Improvement Proposals (MIPs)

Community members submitted two different MIPs during October as part of the Metaplex Protocol’s governance process.

The first MIP is to enable non-custodial edition sales and the second MIP is a new change to Token Auth Rules in order to enable soulbound programmable NFTs. The 21-day community feedback period for each MIP has closed and each of these will now be put up for a vote for $MPLX holders to decide. Follow @metaplexfdnd on X for more information and to get notified when voting has begun.

As a reminder, any MPLX holder is able to propose, comment, and vote on MIPs, which may propose changes to any program in the Metaplex Program Library.

Application Ecosystem

The ecosystem of applications and services built on Metaplex continues to expand with a variety of new use cases testing and discovering product market fit.

  • Phantom launched an innovative new Camera Mint feature for their mobile app enabling users to instantly mint photos and videos as Metaplex NFTs. There’s been over 100k new Phantom installs in the last two weeks as new users join the Solana ecosystem.
  • Solciv is a free-to-play fully on-chain strategy game that brings together gaming and DeFi. It leverages compressed NFTs for in-game assets and includes a permissionless marketplace that enables third-party creators to enhance the game, selling mods, texture packs, and new game mechanics. Solciv won the Games and Entertainment track of the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon.
  • Collector Crypt is bringing Real World Assets (RWAs) to Solana via Metaplex NFTs. This month they partnered with Magic Eden to drop 100 tokenized Pokemon cards, which are 100% physically backed and redeemable.
  • Trace is an app for Formula 1 enthusiasts looking to collect digital memorabilia. It allows users to secure digital collectibles tied to upcoming races, delivered via airdrop as cNFTs complete with a suite of AR and 3D files and images. In the most recent drop, Trace onboarded over 6K users onto Solana with 4.5K wallets signed up to claim.
  • Tiplink distributed “welcome packs” to Breakpoint attendees consisting of NFTs and tokens from various ecosystem partners. Recipients were able to scan a Tiplink QR code to claim the assets, which then could be withdrawn to a user’s personal wallet or email address.
  • Kyzzen launched a new Ultimate NFT Hub designed to be the ideal all-in-one resource for Solana NFT users. It includes NFT marketplace aggregation, mint calendars, news, lending aggregation, X spaces and giveaway trackers, an ecosystem tools directory, and much more.
  • Collector continues to gain traction through its onchain curation of digital art on Solana, with seven independent curations now live, powering sales from 56 unique artists during the month of October.

Creator Ecosystem 

NFT communities were front and center this year at Breakpoint with projects such as MonkeDAO, BOOGLE, Heist, Dead King Society, Mad Lads, Claynosaurz, Tensor, Magic Eden, DRiP, Underground, and others all hosting events in order to bring members together IRL from across the globe. 

Some creators even used Breakpoint and the period leading up to it as an opportunity to launch new products and test product market fit.

  • Claynosaurz launched several new products while at Breakpoint including physical plushies, as well as a new platform for NFT holders to select their clayno’s “class”. The team also released their very first cinematic trailer.
  • Degenerate Ape Academy launched Higher Self, the second version of one of Solana’s most historic NFT collections. The v2 apes are minted as programmable NFTs and also include the ability to swap traits.
  • Mads Lads holders welcomed several big announcements at Breakpoint including the release of iOS and Android apps by Backpack, the company behind the prolific NFT collection. Backpack also announced plans for a new CEX that will be part of their wallet experience.
  • hosted a mixed reality (XR) showcase at Breakpoint highlighting artists from across the Solana ecosystem, in collaboration with Collector.
  • Duke +1 and Joyce Liu launched the first part of their audio-visual storytelling and art collaboration as a Proof-of-Attendance NFT at Breakpoint. Parts 2 and 3 will be released this month.

For on-going community updates, please follow @metaplex on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). For developers, we recommend following and turning on notifications for @metaplexstatus. To contribute to the Metaplex protocol, please engage with us on Github or consider submitting a Metaplex Improvement Proposal (MIP) at

Lastly, a thank you to TopLedger for their data support on this month’s round-up and providing real-time monitoring on Metaplex activity and usage to the ecosystem.