Creator Studio Launch - Adapting and Evolving in Web3 with Articulated Skullys

November 3, 2022

The upcoming launch of Creator Studio will welcome a new generation of creators into web3. Breaking down the technological barriers between artists and digital art is the next step to the mass adoption of the creator-centric world we’ve all fallen in love with in this space.

But, before we open up public access to the Studio, we’ve partnered with several projects to highlight the possibilities of Creator Studio for both new and experienced creators.

Our next project partner is a familiar name in the Solana NFT space. Disarticulated Skullys, or DSkullys, has been in the game since minting their initial 5,555-piece collection on April 27, 2022. From an ambitious roadmap filled with dystopian surrealist lore to a graveyard metaverse, DSkullys has already planted itself firmly as a project focused on building. 

That, of course, is only the beginning. Explore the future of this project and hear from the team by reading on. 

Battle Tested and Resilient

DSkullys is no web3 novice. The team behind these surrealist PFPs already staked their claim in the Solana NFT space with their first collection, Disarticulated Skullys (DSkullys). As a team member tells us, the launch was “one of the biggest accomplishments” for DSkullys. Not only “were we looked at as one of the biggest projects on the Solana blockchain,” but “we were able to sell out in less than an hour and did 40K SOL in volume within 24 hours,” they tell us. 

Even so, expectations of what building in web3 would be like never quite meet the true experience. “As we entered the space as developers,” they explain, “we quickly realized the demand being placed on us, not only to be innovative builders but to also stay connected and grow our community — finding the balance is key!” There’s “a plethora of responsibilities.” The team feels “most don’t understand all the work that goes on behind the scenes, which can make expectations of others at times unrealistic.” In the future, though, “we hope to see more maturity and understanding in the space.”

But, as is often the case, once something is public, it's open to criticism. DSkullys was no exception. The team member explains, “at first, it was difficult to see some of the negativity placed on founders as everything on Solana tanked.” Through this painful experience, though, “the silver lining was realizing that we believed in ourselves and never gave up while building a community that supports us day in and day out.”

Confidence is half the battle; having this experience under their belts, the DSkullys team set their sights on the future.

Bringing more Life to the Graveyard

The team lets us know what they have in the works, saying, “Articulated Skullys will be an addition to the Disarticulated Skullys ecosystem.” The chance to grow a community is a privilege in the space, and DSkullys is not one to miss that lesson. They tell us they want to “bring some more life into The Graveyard,” the name of the DSkullys’ metaverse.

That’s just part of the plan. The team also gives us insight into their ‘Powered by SKULL’ business. The web3 business they already have in the works and the web2 side of things, called ‘CODEBLUE’ — a “brand made by a global collective of artists that will [allow] us to help showcase and sell their physical and digital art,” they explain. “Having the ability to bring some of these talented artists into the spotlight is something that we are really passionate about.”

Articulated Skullys will be an evolution from their first collection which featured art inspired by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, an artist known for his often surreal and dystopian work. The team expresses that “art was initially the most important part about this project.” During those initial months planning the first launch, they describe the pain of going “through multiple artists before we found someone that understood and saw our vision.”

Be Like Water - What it Takes to Grow in Web3

Much like other web3 stories, initially, the “team did not have the best experience.” “Even with the challenges we faced,” the team tells us, “we understood that our possibilities were endless.” Following with, “one of our main goals was to strengthen our weaknesses.” A noble effort, but, as the team member explains, “I would say building [our] dream team was not only the most challenging part but the most rewarding part once the team got assembled.”

It all falls back to the motto of the DSkullys team. As they put it, “while others may see changes as an uncomfortable thing, we embrace [It].” They strengthen this sentiment by explaining, “this space changes so much we gotta be able to adapt and Be Like Water.”

Water takes the shape of whatever you place it in. It can be rough, like a crashing wave, or tranquil, like a still pond. It’s adaptable, formless and reactive — the perfect state for a company riding the ups and downs of the web3 world. But the DSkullys team learned this lesson through experience. For them, “creators need to shift with technology.”

This is not the first time we’ve seen this type of monumental shift. The DSkullys team remarks on a similar evolution in the early part of the new millennium. “This shift into blockchain technology,” they tell us, “reminds me of the shift from Albums (CDs) to p2p platforms like Limewire and Napster.”

Those peer-to-peer file-sharing services uprooted a decades-old stranglehold the music industry had on artists and listeners. In a few years, those changes created a new paradigm, much like what web3 is doing now.

Even with a battle-hardened adaptable mindset, the DSkullys team will be the first to remark on what it takes to shine in this industry. The team member tells us, “after being an investor in the Web3 space, I continuously saw projects repeat the same business models and roadmaps.” Instead of just re-hashing the same thing, “I wanted to be the change and create something that nobody’s ever done in the space.”

With this understanding in hand, the DSkullys team is looking forward and planning on the next stage of the project with Articulated Skullys. These lessons don’t come cheap, and balancing adaptability with prosperity can be challenging. Nevertheless, DSkullys is showing the Solana NFT space its own flavor of success.

Final Thoughts

With the Articulated Skullys, the DSkullys team is trying something new. They’re taking their experiences and challenges and creating a collection that is unique as it is fresh. They’ll be one of the first to use Metaplex Studios’ no-code Creator Studio to launch the next evolution of the DSkullys brand, and we’re excited to see what they create. 

If you want to learn more about DSkullys and the upcoming Articulated Skullys collection, follow DSkullys on Twitter. Their Creator Studio journey is only beginning, so stay updated by keeping tabs on the Metaplex Twitter account and subscribing to the Metaplex Ecosystem newsletter.