Creator Studio Launch - Fighting for Democracy with the Free World DAO

October 24, 2022

The upcoming launch of Creator Studio will celebrate the projects and creators who propel growth in the ecosystem in various dimensions. 

Before we hand the keys to the Studio to the public, Metaplex Studios has partnered with several projects to highlight the possibilities of Creator Studio for new or experienced creators.

Free World DAO (FWD) is a previous Metaplex Foundation Grant recipient and community-driven project on Solana embodying the historic and all-too-modern fight for democracy. In its first collection, VOLYA, FWD connects the physical and digital worlds in the name of human freedom. Let’s take a deeper dive!

The Fight for Freedom Meets Web3

Let us introduce you to Nick. 

Nick is a member of the FWD team. Freedom is not just a word but a driving force for his everyday reality. Nick and the rest of the team are from Ukraine — a country currently in the throes of war over sovereignty, freedom and democracy.

FWD ties its overall ethos to this; as Nick explains, “the idea to found FWD came after the launch of our charitable project to help Ukraine after the start of the war.” The team “saw in the NFT [space] an opportunity to show that there is a DAO community in which everyone is equal and which aims to develop the ideology of democracy.”

When it comes to the web3 vision for FWD, Nick accounts, “I was part of many NFT communities, but I always dreamed I would someday have my own.” This led to the formation of a talented team including those who worked for the government, athletes and, of course, “crazy artists,” as Nick puts it.

If you want to create in this space, you need to be up for a challenge — and FWD is fully aware of what it takes. Nick articulates this point by saying, “I always understood that honest creators and those who respect their [communites] build and develop web3.” He follows by expressing, “in 100% of cases… they find success.”

Hard Work + Time = Success

FWD is no stranger to the world of web3 and NFTs on Solana. After being in the game for six months, Nick “understands the kitchen from the inside.” He outlines the goal of FWD as giving value to the holder. As it stands, Nick argues, “we have no problems with delivering.”

He follows with, “through partnerships with democratic movements, we are aiming to bring lovers of freedom and democracy supporters into web3.” 

The team understands that “the world of web3 is still very young and people want to make quick money and move on.” So, for them, positioning values and goals as long-term helps grow an engaged community along with tangible results for the project.

Nick describes the FWD brand as one that “represents free people in the physical and digital world.” To do this, FWD develops utilities ranging from unique merchandise in partnership with well-known brands to its mobile academy, staking and its token.

It took the team “a lot of time and nerves to understand this,” mainly because building “success and value for our holders” are only two qualities that motivate FWD.

Nick explains, "when the project is successful, it is easier to enter into partnerships and grow in all directions.” This benefits everyone in the ecosystem, from FWD collectors to the global network of democracy advocates the project supports.

But this is just one part of what makes FWD unique. Nick gives insight into an aspect of the project that is “the most complex and attention-grabbing part of the roadmap.” That, he adds, “is our mobile academy, which will contain absolutely everything [FWD] is working on.”

The FWD Mobile Academy and Global Democracy Development

Education is a critical component of what powers FWD. Nick and the team “wanted to make an accessible and easily understandable service for the entire NFT community.”

FWD’s mobile academy contrasts the unreliable resources and scams that plague the ecosystem. Nick says if you “open Google and write “cryptocurrency investment,” you’ll see results “where 95% of websites are just… scams.” Even worse, websites will trick you into paying for access to “incomprehensible Telegram channels” that often link to free resources like educational videos on YouTube.

FWD is trying to tackle this issue by “working on a place where everything will be transparent and understandable for new users” alongside “cool things for advanced ones.”

Nick describes the offerings of the mobile academy as follows:

  • Solana staking pool
  • NFT staking
  • Auctions
  • FWD merchandise
  • Live support 24/7

Overall, though, Nick characterizes all these components and the academy as “a place where they [democracy activists across the globe] and our entire community will gather and spend time, share their knowledge and develop the Solana ecosystem together with the FWD team.” The entire team behind the FWD project fundamentally understands that “nothing can be more valuable than a strong and educated community.”

Closing Thoughts

Free World DAO is one of many projects to launch with Creator Studio this Fall. While we’ve seen plenty of launches in this space, FWD is a bit different. As Nick puts it, FWD is “uniting all free people around the world and building a bridge for them from the physical to the digital.”

Their story has deep ties to the Metaplex ecosystem. Not only are they an early Metaplex Foundation Grant recipient, but Nick also positions Metaplex as “the most important partner in our development.”

He recounts, “the first time I called Stephen (Metaplex Studios CEO),” we “told him about what we [were] planning to do.” After sharing a meal together spent planning and dreaming, “seven months have passed like one day and we are still here, still motivated and charged to succeed!”

Be sure to follow Free World DAO to stay updated on their Creator Studio journey. We’ll announce more partners in the coming weeks, so keep tabs on the progress by following the Metaplex Twitter account and signing up for our Metaplex Ecosystem Newsletter.